Ruby Tuesday Foundation

Become a sponsor

Business and corporate sponsorship is vital to the Ruby Tuesday Foundation and this support helps the Foundation to build, design, deliver and execute on its school, community and sport association programs.

These programs include grants, scholarships, funding support, connection and awareness for disadvantaged children and youth from 8 – 15 to assist with:

  • Education
  • Extracurricular educational pursuits
  • Other community participation
  • Sporting activities and participation.

These programs build on young people’s strengths with a reference to the core values of the Ruby Tuesday Foundation being fun loving, kindness, inclusion, respect and gratitude. 

The programs also look to promote health and wellbeing of the children and youth supported, to ensure they are given the chance to access the long-term physical and mental health benefits that come from participation. We want them to have the chance to shine.

Your ongoing support can make a real and positive difference to the lives of children and the entire local community.

There are various corporate packages on offer. Please chat with us about your option or to develop a tailored package that meets your needs.


1. Foundation Partner

Sponsor the Ruby Tuesday Foundation across all programs, campaigns and events.

2. Program Sponsor

Support the delivery of a specific co-designed, evidence based program, such as the development of educational based resources and tool kits, or activity and participation funding.

3. Event Sponsor

Support one of our events through a financial contribution or by donating goods or services.